Reksio is a Polish cartoon character from the animated TV series under the same title. Reksio was created by the Polish director Lechosław Marszałek. His 65 episodes were created in the years 1967-1990 at the Drawing Film Studio in Bielsko-Biała, which also created the more famous Bolek and Lolek. All episodes describe the adventures of a befriended piebald terrier named Reksio along with his animal friends – kurami, cats, other dogs and their owners.
The inspiration for the character of Reksio was a female wirehaired fox terrier named Trola. It belonged to the author of the series. The first episode of the series was Reksio Poliglota, produced by Lechosław Marszałek. This episode had poorer graphics and set design compared to the episodes, which were to be produced between 70. Reksio also looked different, wearing a collar, which he did not wear in later episodes.

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