There's nothing like Rosie

Coloring pages – There's nothing like Rosie.

There's nothing like Rosie – is an animated television series for children aged from 3 do 8 years. The series was developed by Vickie Corner for V&S Entertainment Ltd and produced in HD CGI animation. The series follows the adventures of a little girl named Rosie and her friends.

Rosie (Rozi) is the main character, which seems to be some kind of doll, with fabric or paper hair secured with a button on top of the head.
Raggles (Kicek) it's a blue rabbit. His name comes from an alternate word meaning Reglet .
Holly (Ola) she is sweet, good girl. She wears a purple bow with little yellow dots, which seems to be ingrained in her head.
Will (Filip)he is impulsive, active boy, who has red hair, a red shirt and a pair of jeans; he likes to ride his Go Speeder and play football.
Big Bear (Bruno) is a large animated teddy bear, who loves to cook, build and explore with other friends.
Bluebird (Spout) that's cute, but annoying bird, who believes, that she has magical powers. It is used in several episodes for unknown reasons.
Oakley (Dębiak) it is an ancient talking oak, who is sitting on the hill, in which there are Little Acorns.