Wishenpoof Coloring Pages.

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Parents should know, that Wishenpoof! is a fun series for preschoolers about a girl with a magical ability to fulfill human wishes. Kids will love the imaginative possibilities, through her adventures, and you will appreciate the persistent positive messages contained in the adventures of likeable heroes. Bianca learns to be patient, by practicing your skills (not always successfully) and uses his gift, to make others happy. He has a strong role model in the form of his mother (who shares her secret and gift with her) and a deep desire, to always do the right thing.

WISHENPOOF! focuses on a young girl named Bianca, who uses her “magic wishes”, to fulfill her and those around her dreams. With a wave of the wand, her room becomes an underwater playground, with the clap of her hands, friend becomes an expert dancer and singer. Her best stuffed friend, Bob the Bear, is always with her, and her mom joins in a lot, to give Bianca some tips on how to master her unique abilities.


Simply put, this series is it, what small children dream about. Bubble Bianca and her cuddly friend bear are dedicated to making people happy by fulfilling their wishes, and when he does not use his power for others, together with Bob they discover all sorts of places. Not only the Wishenpoof! appeals to the sense of adventure of preschoolers, but also celebrates the joy of having a generous spirit and caring for others.

The series could stop there and still gather fans big and small, but luckily it goes one step further, to be sure, that his message would reach the children, who do not share Bianca's special powers. In such cases, Bianca becomes convinced, that even magic cannot replace friendship and loyalty, which turn out to be the most powerful forces.


Families can talk about Bianca's power at the Wishenpoof! How does he use it for the benefit of others? How are you, when you are doing something nice for another person?

What are your children's special talents? Do they like to share their skills with other people? How important is practice in improving them?

Children: What screen time rules do your family have regarding screen time? Why rules matter? What are your other favorite shows? Making, that they are favorites?

How are the heroes of the series Wishenpoof! show empathy and teamwork? Why are these important character assets?