Zig Sharko

Coloring pages of Zig Sharko.

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Parents need to know, that Zig & Sharko is a silent animated series from France, in which there is a lot of cartoon-style violence – outbursts, collisions, extensive falls, etc.. which are meant to be funny rather than scary and never bring any consequences. The show focuses on persistent attempts by one of the characters to catch and eat the mermaid's neighbor, z których wszystkie są udaremniane przez przyjaznego sąsiedzkiego rekina. Pomimo fabuły, the would-be victim is never in real danger, więc nie ma poczucia zagrożenia dla treści. Dzieci zauważą również zaskakującą relację między rekinem a syreną, which is a good reminder, that when it comes to friendship, it is more important, what's inside than that, co na zewnątrz. Istnieją pewne kwestie związane z płcią, which may concern parents, with constant mermaid tuning and flirting with the king of the seas.


ZIG & SHARKO is about a hyena named Zig, who lives on a volcanic island with her crab friend Bernie and plots against the beautiful mermaid Marina, she wants to eat. With a series of intrigues and intricate inventions, Zig tries to pull Marina out of her perch in the ocean, but it is always frustrated by her shark guardian, Sharko. Sometimes other inhabitants of the sea also try to do so, including the self-absorbed King Neptune, who hopes to win the sympathy of the beautiful mermaid.


Zig & Sharko wyciąga stronę z podręcznika Wile’a E. Coyote’a, aby odnowić klasyczną relację w kotka i myszkę między swoimi bohaterami. Zig robi wszystko, to catch Marina for a meal, ale żadna ilość ekstrawaganckich przebrań ani mechanicznych cudów nigdy nie jest skuteczna dzięki interwencji najzacieklejszego przyjaciela Mariny. Mimo to jest to lekka, a slapstick comedy, which is just fun to watch.

The show could improve Marina's character, making her a little more independent in self-defense, but as it is, wydaje się błogo nieświadoma ataku zamachów na jej życie. Oczywiście to toruje drogę galanterii Sharko w jej ochronie, and their relationship is a testimony of friendship, która przeczy przeciwnościom losu. Konkluzja? W tej kreskówce nie ma zbyt wiele treści, but also nothing to worry about, and its quiet format is a fun departure from the norm.


Families can talk about friendship. Children: What qualities do you value most about your friend?? Do you have any friends, who are different from you in terms of hobbies, culture or personality? How these differences affect your friendship?

Children: What do you think, why Zig never gives up on his goal? What goals do you have for yourself? How you learn from past failures, to increase your future chances of achieving these goals?

Making, that the violence in this show is fun, not annoying? If the heroes were people, would the effect be different? What place, if at all, has violence in children's entertainment?