Lazy and Tsarevna

Lazy and Tsarevna

Centuries ago, before the old days, a tsar ruled in a certain country. One time he called astrologers and sages to him and asked them a question:

– Say, who determines the well-being of the family – from a man or a woman?

Nobody dared to answer, then the tsar ordered:

– Get out of my sight. I give you forty days. If you don't find out at that time, don't expect anything good from me.

For thirty-nine days, astrologers searched for an answer to the Tsarist question, but to no avail. And on the fortieth, they wander through the palace weeping, cruelly concerned, that they didn't come up with anything. The Tsar's younger daughter met them.

– Why are you crying and whining so?? – she asked the scholars.

They told her about their poverty with great regret.

– Do you cry over such folly?? – The tsarevna was surprised. – The answer is very simple.

The wise men were very happy, when they heard these words, and they stopped crying.

The next day the tsar summoned them to him, The tsarevna also came.

– So what will you tell me? – the tsar asked.

Instead of the wise men the tsarevna spoke up:

– The prosperity and happiness of the family depend on the woman.

– How do you know that?? – the tsar shouted angrily.

– I know! – the daughter proudly raised her head.

– Not, You do not know anything. I'll prove it to you! – and the tsar clapped his hands. The guards came running. The Tsar commanded:

– Go and bring to me the most lazy slacker in all my empire.

Servants scattered throughout the empire to look for a lazy. And they stumbled upon a rubble, where the lazy one lived, that from side to side he did not even want to fall over. People forgot, what was his name, Lenie would just knock him off.

Lenia's tsarist servants brought him to the palace, and the tsar spoke to his daughter:

– Here is your husband. Go live with him in his henhouse. In day, in which the bread will run out and you will start to starve, you will understand, who determines the well-being of the family.

The daughter obeyed and settled in the rubble of Lenia. She soon found out, that the husband was more lazy, than was talked about. But she did not waste her time in vain. She noticed, that Leń likes apples the most. She borrowed ten from the neighbors. She placed one apple by Lenia's mouth, the other next to his hand, the others were lined up. And she hid herself and began to watch. Much time has passed, or maybe not enough, as Lazy opened one eye lazily. He spotted an apple. He ate them. He is watching, and here's the second, by hand. He took them lazily and ate too. Third, he had to stretch out, and fourth, it was time to creep up…

The next day, the Tsarevna again asked the neighbors for ten apples and arranged them, however, increasing the distance between them. And the last one, tenth, she was holding in her hand. Lazy had to get up, to eat that apple. On the third day it was the same, but when Lazy rose lazily, to eat the tenth apple, the tsarevna began to flee. Husband, who liked apples, he followed her. And this is how Lenia taught the Tsarevna her husband to crawl first, then walk, and finally do some work around.

Once a caravan came to their village. Her path led through a deserted desert, in which there was only one well, but this one was enchanted. If the wineskin is drained – only the string was pulled out, if a man has been drained from a wineskin, the wineskin was intact, but the man died.

The wanderer learned about Lenie and thought to himself:

"If Leń dies, then no one will regret him ". He came to him and asked:

– You wouldn't want to hire me as a camel driver?

Carewna, who knew nothing about the enchanted well, she decided for her husband:

– He agrees.

The caravan was on its way and reached the enchanted well.

– We'll drain you for water – the wanderer said to Lenia.

– if it's required, let it go, but provided, when you tie me upside down. I want to see, what awaits me there.

The wanderer agreed. Lenia was lowered into the well, head down. Leń is watching, and at the bottom of Dew sits. He has a frog on one knee, and on others – beautiful peri * and sees both of them. Leń greeted Dewa politely, and she said to him:

– If you hadn't greeted me, I'd rip you in half and eat you. But now tell me, what is better – peri or frog?

– Mhm, what use of peri? – Leń replies. – The frog is better, it is a useful creature, eats insects.

Dew liked that answer.

– So take some water, how much do you want.

Leń began to fill the skins and pass them upwards one by one. When people drank, and animals, the wanderers pulled Lenia out of the well, and Dew gave him two more large grenades as a farewell.

The wanderers were very surprised, that Leń was so miraculously saved. Another caravan drove up to the well, which was headed in these directions, where the Tsarevna lived. The people of this caravan collected ten gold coins and gave them to Leni, so that he may also draw out water for them. He granted their request. Dew again gifted him with two grenades.

Leń sent the gold and grenades back to his wife, and he himself wandered on.

The Tsarevna was very pleased with the gold, and she also decided to taste the highway. She broke the grenade, and in it – precious stones. All the grenades were filled with flickering stones. The Tsarevna sold these valuables, she bought animals with the money she earned, Earth, pumpkin seeds, watermelons, wheat and barley. She sowed the field. She rented chabanów **. She also brought builders, who removed the old cottage and built a large house on this site.

Much time has passed, maybe not, and the caravan returned. The Tsarevna welcomed her Lenia, she brought him to his new home, bathed, she dressed in expensive and beautiful garments. And then she told him, what she found in the pomegranates and how she disposed of this wealth.

One day the tsarevna dressed up, she painted and invited her father to be guests. This one did not recognize his daughter. And drunk, hosting him, she asked:

– Who determines the well-being of the family?

– It is obvious, from a man – the tsar replied, without thinking.

Then the daughter revealed everything. She recalled, how severely he punished her, by marrying Lenia, the greatest in the tsarist empire. And then she told about her ideas, patience and current success.

* Peri – a magical creature that protects people from evil spirits.

** Chaban – Shepherd of sheep or oxen.