Coloring pages 101 Dalmatians

The incredibly intriguing adventures of brave puppies can now be seen in kolorowankach 101 Dalmatians . Horrible Cruella De Ville wants to kidnap the little dogs, to sew a fur for yourself. But with your help, brave Dalmatians will not allow anyone to implement their plan and will be able to teach her a lesson. 101 Coloring Dalmatians will teach you to resist cunning thoughts, to unite, to reach a noble goal, just like the puppies did. By coloring the main characters, you will not be bored: each new adventure fills the pictures with the emotions of Dalmatians, makes, że ​​możesz rozjaśnić świat psów za pomocą kredek i pisaków. Download and print 101 Dalmatians for coloring. Cruella Coloring Pages.