Bing coloring pages

Bing coloring pages printable for free.

Bing is a British animated series for children, based on Ted Devan's books. It is broadcast on the British television channel CBeebies; the series follows a kindergarten bunny named Bing, who experiences the world around him. Uses small daily events, to show, how to learn new ways to deal with situations with the help of their caregiver, Flop and friends. The series is aimed at children aged 2-6 years.

Bing is the title character of the show. Bing is a three-year-old black anthropomorphic bunny. His favorite toy is Hoppity Voosh, rabbit superhero. Bing is wearing a green shirt, red and black checkered dungarees and black and white sneakers, and Bing loves to hum, whistle, pretend and do harmless children's things.

Flop is Bing's caretaker, guiding Bing through his little life, entertaining and calming him, when Bing encounters a problem. Flop is a low orange-skinned creature and literally stuffed rabbit.

Sula is a 4-year-old female anthropomorphic brown elephant and one of Bing's best friends. Sula is wearing a pink and yellow shirt, trousers and pink sneakers. It is believed, that her favorite toy is Fairy Hippo, hippopotamus dressed as a fairy.

But, is Sula's babysitter. Amma runs a nursery and a park café, which is sometimes visited by the children's heroes of the program. Amma is a short blue creature resembling an elephant and is literally a stuffed elephant toy.

Pando is a two-and-a-half-year-old anthropomorphic male panda, who is also Bing's second best friend and lives next door to him. Pando shares his saying with Bing: “Hoppity – voosh! ” with Bing. Pando wears a white shirt, which does not fully cover his belly, black sneakers and diaper. Pando hums, Whistles, pretends and does childish things, just like Bing. Pando is often seen in trousers, then removes them at the earliest opportunity, staying in the underwear itself.