PJ Masks coloring pages – Pajamas

PJ Masks coloring pages.

Popular animated series PJ Masks – Pajamas tells about the lives of children, that just finished 6 years. It's two boys, Connor and Greg, as well as a girl Amaya. On a daily basis, they are ordinary children, learn together, live side by side and are friends with each other.
At first glance, ordinary children, dress up in pajamas for the night and turn into masked superheroes. The: punishing villains, prevention of crime, and even saving the world! Connor puts on blue pajamas and turns into Catboy, the leader of the group with feline features, penetrating hearing and super speed. Amaya turns into Allet, a girl in a red costume with owl wings and night vision. The youngest of the masked heroes, Greg, turns into a superhero, Gekko lizard.

Pajamas coloring page has a whole team of masked and unmasked superheroes. Each coloring book can be printed for free directly from the website.