Neighbors coloring pages – Stalemate & Checkmate

Neighbors coloring pages.

Neighbors – Stalemate & Checkmate – is a Czechoslovak time-lapse animated series created by Lubomír Beneš and Vladimír Jiránek for Czechoslovak Television (later Czech Television). The characters first appeared in the theatrically released short film Kuťáci (Tinkers) in 1976 year, and the first episode “Wallpapers” was produced for ČST Bratislava. The main characters of the series are two craftsmen, Pat and Matt, who are inventive, but extremely clumsy. Into 2020 of the year it was published 129 Episodes, which, due to the lack of dialogue, has been popular in many countries.

The characters themselves were nameless to 1989 year, when they were given the names Pat and Matt. Pat and Mat are abbreviated forms of the Czech expressions Patlal and Matlal , which can be roughly translated as clumsy and awkward.

The series presents two heroes facing problems and trying to solve them on their own using simple tools, which is always the cause of even bigger problems. Nevertheless, heroes are satisfied with the result of their hard work.

Manual awkwardness is the main theme of the series. Next to humor, a feature of the fairy tale is also an optimistic approach to life. Two heroes always take up the challenge and do not give up, until it finds a solution to the problem.

Initially, the title neighbors live in a block of flats, in some episodes they spend time in the countryside. Then in two houses of the "block" type and in the "semi-detached" type house. In "Moving", Pat and Mat move to the countryside, while in the episode "Breakfast on the Grass" Pat and Mat go to a picnic. In "Rain," Pat and Mat patched the roof, but the rope blocked the door opening and the cottage was completely demolished, however, in the episode "Łyżwy", a new house was built.

The music for the series was composed by Petr Skoumal.

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