Toca Boca coloring pages

Toca Boca coloring pages.

Touch mouth – imagine, that you have at your disposal the whole kitchen, with a fridge full of food, all necessary appliances and kitchen equipment. Surely everyone would be happy to experiment with the flavors of different products and create something, what in the end could be called his business card. You may not have known, but you have the opportunity to do so in the game Toka Bok!

Try, for example, not to cook traditional fish with spices, just add a pear or apple to it. This could be a good experiment. But not to translate products in case of something, this is best done in an application such as cooking. Everything, what you need, is here for culinary experiments. You will even have a taster, to try all your creations and show their reactions.

Toca Life is a series of mobile applications for children. These are simulation games: on the farm, at school, after school, on vacation, in the hospital,

Choose your favorite toca coloring book and color with crayons, paints or felt-tip pens. Good luck.