Lazy and Happiness

Lazy and Happiness

It was, and maybe it wasn't. Once upon a time there lived Leń. There is no other such thing in the world. Once he dreamed that he was walking, walking in the mountains, and on one of them his own Happiness was waiting for him. Without thinking long, he borrowed a mare from his neighbors, sat down bareback and set off in search of Happiness.

He has already traveled a long way, or maybe not, when the lion stands in his way:

- Hey man, where are you going from and where are you going?

"I am looking for my Happiness in the world," replied Lenie.

- I have a terrible headache, not even for a day. Ask your Happiness, what can cure my infirmity, asked the lion.

"Okay, I'll ask," said Lenny, and moved on.

He wandered a long time until he came to a flowering orchard. An old man was the gardener there. Leń greeted him politely. The old man responded to his greeting and offered:

"If you want to rest, I'll hold your horse by the reins."

"No, Grandpa," replied Leń. - I have gone out to look for my Happiness and I am in a very hurry.

"Ah, if so, I have a request for you." No matter how I look after my orchard, the fruits fall in their buds every year. Where the cause, I have no idea. So ask your Happiness about it.

"Okay, I'll ask," said Lenny, and moved on.

He came to the river. He is looking, and there is a fish here, his head is sticking out of the water.

- Man, where are you going from and where? - he asks.

"I went in search of Happiness," said Lenie.

- I feel a heavy weight in my stomach that I cannot lift myself up.

Be a friend, find out from your Happiness what it is and how can I be free from it.

- Okay, I'll ask.

Leń said goodbye to the fish and rode on. He reached a huge city. A young girl ruled there. But here she has started to lose weight for several years, her face turned yellow. No medicine or the wisdom of the sages helped. The inhabitants of this city led every traveler who came from afar to the girl with hope, and if a foreigner knows a miraculous remedy for this strange disease. Jeno Leń has passed the city gates, he is already stopped and led to the palace. The girl greets Lenia:

- Where is your path leading, glory?

- I'm going for my happiness.

- Do me a favor. Ask Happiness what the cure for my condition is.

Leń finally reached a small hill. Believe that this is the same place I saw in my dream, he thought. He tied the horse, sat down and waits for Happiness. And it stands before him as if on cue.

- Have you come? - he asks.

- Oh, how! Leń rejoiced.

- If so, take it first and get the rest of the treasure afterwards.

And he places his Happiness in front of him. Lazy has pulled the little case to him and says:

- Oh, my happiness! On my way to see you, I met a lion suffering from a headache. He asked for advice on how to heal himself. And then the road led through the orchard, and the gardener asked why the fruit was dying. I also met a fish. A weight in her stomach hurts and crushes her, and she wants to know how to get rid of it. And very close from here is a city ruled by a girl with a yellowed and skinny face. No doctor can cure her. Can you help her?

Lenie's happiness listened and said:

- The girl will recover when she gets married. The belly of the fish is filled with pearls and corals, you just need to grab them from there. The trees in the orchard do not bear fruit because silver and gold are under their roots. And the lion must eat the lazy fool - then he will recover.

Happiness said it and it went. Leń opens a small chest with gold and silver, and tsarist robes. He dressed up beautifully, strapped the case to the saddle and set off on the way back. He entered the city where the young ruler lived.

- Have you asked about the cause of my infirmity? - he turns to Lenia.

- Oh, how! You will recover when you get married.

- Marry me as a reward for help. I will give you the reins of the city.

- No, I can't. - Lazy about it. - What's up with your city?

And he drove on. He met a fish.

- Have you been told Happiness, how can I free myself from the burden? she asked.

- You are filled with pearls and corals. Someone has to get them from you.

- Get off the horse then. Take this wealth and you will bring me relief.

- I don't have when. Even greater riches lie ahead of me.

And he drove on. He met the gardener.

- Did you find out why there is no fruit in my orchard? The old man asks.

- Oh, how! Gold and silver lie under the tree roots. Dig them up and the garden will bear fruit.

- I'm old, I can't make it. Help me and I will share with you.

- No, even more riches are ahead of me. I'm not going to be small.

He said it and drove away. Finally he came to the place where the sick lion was waiting for him.

- You asked, man, what's my rescue?

- I asked. You'll get better as soon as you eat the lazy fool.

"Has anyone else asked you for a favor besides me?"

- And yes. I met a gardener not far from here. In his orchard, there is gold and silver under the tree roots. If they are dug up, the trees will bear fruit. Then I stumbled upon a little fish filled with corals and pearls. These valuables must be grabbed and he will be relieved. Then I wandered to a city ruled by a young ruler. She was tormented by an unknown ailment, perhaps cure her confusion.

-And you didn't marry her? Asked the lion.

- No, I didn't get married.

-And you didn't get the corals and pearls from the belly of the fish?

- What do I need this for? I have incredible riches ahead of me.

- Oh, stupid, you, stupid! And lazy too! I can see that you are the wonderful dick for my disease.

Lenia the lion devoured and recovered immediately.

Liom always comes out at a bad end, even in fairy tales.

* Scabiosa - soothing ointment.